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Stella. 24. Singapore. Graduate. English Literature Major. Psychology Minor.
Internet addict. Coffee addict. Tea addict. Craves dimsum. Savours cheesecakes. Liverpool. Badminton. Travel. Diet & Exercise. Binges. Procrastinator. Reading. Writing. Amateur cook. Beginner baker.
Dreams: living alone, writing a book, pick up photography.
Wants to learn: Wushu/Taekwondo, Korean/Japanese, German/Spanish, Piano/Drums.
Lost touch with: Ballet/hiphop, Piano/Recorder, Swimming/Netball, baking/eating out.

My other wandering selves: http://books-philosopsycho-logy.tumblr.com/ and http://xorabyeol.posterous.com/ and http://heal-and-recover.tumblr.com/

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Nowhere Fast (by Kayleigh B)

Shiratama-dango Dessert with Melon by bananagranola (busy) on Flickr.

mariacarla boscono by cuneyt akeroglu for antidote, ss 14


mariacarla boscono by cuneyt akeroglu for antidote, ss 14

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